How Much Exercise is Enough?

In 2013 yet another study on the benefits of exercise with an without gym equipment or fitness equipment was done.

The results in short?

4500 people were involved in the study, approximately half ladies and half… you know.

The study backed up what we have know for many years an what has been proven in exercise research time after time.

The study suggests that exercising at any level is associated with better physical and             mental health in both genders compared with no exercise, particularly among the older             individuals.

(Source: “Associations between physical activity and physical and mental health–a HUNT 3             study.” from Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2011 Jul;43(7):1220-8.)

Why Don’t People Exercise Enough?

Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment

Of course the question is why the bigger part of the population needs to be coerced and coaxed into exercise when it is becoming overly evident that they would be happier and healthier if they exercised.

One concern is of course the perceived costs such as

  • Commercial Gym memberships,
  • Gym equipment and exercise equipment such as treadmills, Rowers, elliptical and multi gyms.
  • Effort or perceived effort
  • Time of training and exercising. “I don’t have time to train and other excuses”

Research shows that moderately intense exercise for 30 minutes, twice per week is enough to give results.*

The conclusion is that you don’t have to have the most expensive gym equipment, treadmill or multi gym. Find out what type of exercise you enjoy and commit to at least one decent quality machines.


If you enjoy cycling then you could invest in a spinning bike or an an upright exercise bike. Elliptical trainers or cross trainers are also great cardio machines of cycling or treadmills are not your thing.

Even strength training exercise such as dumbbells or multi gyms will offer cardio type benefits if performed at the correct intensity.


So if you want to stay alive for a long time and you are not exercising at all, you could drastically improve your life with one 30 minutes exercise session three times per week.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Yes, I want to know more!

Yes, I want to Know More


* Results vary from person to person.

We don’t guarantee results.

Weight Loss is a result of following a kilojoule or calories restricted diet and making a number of lifestyle changes.

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