How Can We Make Reaching Our Goals a Bit Easier?

I was recently asked to give a quick talk on why many fitness enthusiasts didn’t achieve their goals, whether in the commercial gym or at the home gym

Well, I didn’t like the structure of that question too much so I changed it to  “How can we make it easier to achieve our fitness goals”

Well firstly we have to know what the goal is and whether it is realistic.

NLP is About Goal Setting

The Developers of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) created a simple, fast and frugal model for well formed outcomes and it works for fitness goals, weight loss, stopping smoking or any other type of goal.


There are four main parts to the process


Stage 1: Know what you want. Gain Muscle, Lose Fat, Get Fit

Do you want to get fitter, lose weight or put on muscle? What you want to achieve will dictate the program that needs to be designed for you as well as the type of gym equipment you need to buy.


Gym machines such as multi gyms, free weights, dumbbells and barbells are classically know for putting on muscle, yet did you know you can also perform fat burning exercises and workouts with these gym machines?


Stage 2: Take Action. Buy Gym Equipment and Begin Exercising


Any training whether on a treadmill, a rower or on a multi gym is better than no exercise. Remember that Cardio exercise such as upright bikes, treadmills and rowers are not only good for you fat burning but will also improve your health.


Start right now. In addition you may want to relook at the sort of budget you are willing to spend on fitness equipment for a home gym


Stage 3: Notice what is working.


Keep measurements and statistics. Even if you are training at the home gym make an appointment with a biokinticist and have professional measurements taken.


Stage 4: Be flexible enough to change your approach. Mix Weights and Cardio


Not every workout routine works for everyone. Change your approach. A single multi gym or set of dumbbells will ensure that you can do many different exercises. A good quality treadmill will be able to offer multiple speeds and inclines to create variety within the workout.

So many clients enter into an exercise regime with fixed ideas about what they are going to do. Experiment and try yoga, aerobics and spinning classes.


* Results vary from person to person.

We don’t guarantee results.

Weight Loss is a result of following a kilojoule or calories restricted diet and making a number of lifestyle changes.

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