Biggest Gym Equipment Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

The Four Biggest Mistakes Which Cost Gym Equipment Buyers A Fortune!

Old Gyms

Old Gyms

You are reading this for a reason; you may be a home gym owner or just starting to think about taking your workout home with you. You may never have worked out before and need someone to help you get it right first time. You may even be a commercial gym owner looking at maximising profit and buying suitable gym equipment without robbing your children’s piggy banks.

 Whatever your needs, either in buying or using gym equipment, I have the experience to help you buy right the first time around.

 Are you looking for quality Strength Equipment, Fitness Equipment, Bodybuilding Machines or Aerobics Training Equipment?

Gym Equipment: It Can Be Challenging Trying To Make Up Your Mind

There is an old saying, (or maybe I just made it up, I can’t remember):

 If you don’t make up your mind, someone else will make it up for you.”

 Unfortunately this is what happens as we cruise the complicated internet sites looking for answers to very simple questions. All the pages and adverts are designed to look very inviting and very enticing. Eventually every product seems like the right product. Buying the right piece of gym equipment to meet your needs can be a harrowing and confusing experience.

 We have all bought things that seemed like a good idea at the time. Some of these things don’t matter, such as the combination egg beater/can opener/vacuum cleaner contraption which you bought from a well-known store which lies in the bottom draw collecting dust. Well I have one anyway!

 You certainly don’t want to waste your money, especially if you are working off a tight budget. Wasting money on needless and useless machines also means not experiencing the benefits of the correct gym equipment and of course the storage space now lost, as you store your very expensive clothes hanger in your kitchen or spare bedroom!

 If you buy right the first time then you won’t waste valuable space in your home.


The Decision to Take Your Gym Workout Home

crossfit-534615_960_720If you are taking your workout home, then you are in the market for some good quality home gym equipment.

 You have already become committed to the idea of training, but before you run out to buy the cheapest treadmills, multigyms, spinning bikes and free weights, let’s do a bit of homework so that you can continue to train at home and get the body that you deserve.

 I get calls from people every day trying to dump some strange item of gym equipment which they had bought from adverts in the junk mail or on TV. If you buy the incorrect item for your needs then no matter how cheap it was, it was a waste of money.

 So here are the top four biggest mistakes which consumers make. These mistakes are keeping them out of shape and unhealthy and is costing them thousands.

Mistake 1: Not Knowing What You Really Want to Achieve

sport-562154_960_720This might sound like a strange place to start, but it really is the phase where most gym equipment buyers make the biggest mistakes.

 What do you want to achieve with your new piece of gym equipment?

 If you don’t really know what you want to achieve then how will you measure your results?

Changing your body takes effort and if that effort is not rewarded with a change in your appearance, strength, health and fitness levels then you may become discouraged and wonder if it is worth all the effort.

 Getting the Right ym Equipment for Your Needs

 For instance, did you know that a running machine or treadmill is not the best way to lose fat? Unless you use your cardio vascular gym equipment in a certain way, you will not be changing the appearance of your body one little bit. The good news is that when you buy gym equipment from a reputable supplier, they will certainly have a resident consultant or expert who can answer your questions and point you in the right direction, once you have explained what you want to achieve.

 Check the following categories out and make sure that you know what type of gym equipment you really wantsport-908264_960_720

 There are 5 basic categories why people buy gym equipment, where do you fit in?

1: Losing fat, getting lean, losing weight.

2: Increase lean muscle mass, bodybuilding

3: Tone up or strengthen muscles in general

4: Increase and maintain fitness.

5: Improve functionality in a certain plane of movement, core strength, abdominal strength and back strength, sport specific strength.

 For more than 90% of the clients who consult with me, their stated goals are based on category 1, but their actual goals are a mixture of category 1 and 2, because building some muscle helps with reducing body fat.

 Now here are the basic categories of gym equipment, so you can decide out of which category you should be choosing.

 Cardio vascular equipment.

Lifespan 7000 recumbent bike

Lifespan 7000 recumbent bike

Think of fat Burning, getting lean, losing weight. Also think about increasing fitness levels and training for a specific event such as running, cycling and rowing.

Fitness machines in this category include treadmills, exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes, elliptical cross trainers, steppers and rowing machines.

Read more about High Intensity Interval Training in my article section to learn how to really maximise the use of cardio-vascular equipment for fat loss.

 Ladies especially, please bear in mind that fat loss is achieved by cardio and strength training, ideally done together. I never advise anyone to only do cardio training without at least some weight bearing and strengthening exercise. See the next point for more on strength training.


Strength Training or Gym Equipment

Strength Training

Strength Training

Strength Training Equipment is also called Gym Equipment, Resistance Training and even Free Weight Training. Think of building muscle, bodybuilding and toning exercises.

 Machines and exercise equipment in this category include dumbbells, barbells, multi gym machines, cable machines, functional trainers, bench presses, squat racks, power racks, selectorised gym equipment.

 Just to confuse things even more, when you use strength training equipment properly, you can burn more fat, than you would on a relatively difficult cardio session. Now that is why you need solid advice when you buy gym equipment.

 Performing specialised Holistic Gym Workouts, especially the Holistic Power Circuits will strengthen muscle and burn fat.

 While Holistic Power Circuits generally assist with body transformation which involve substantial amounts of fat being lost, some trainers interested in simple muscle building may opt for the heavier, yet less intense “straight sets” method of training. All of these methods are discussed in the “Change Your Mind, Change Your Body” course.

 Functional Training

Suspension Training

Suspension Training

Functional Training Equipment design and function mimics everyday types of movement. In other words it helps you to perform better in life.

Functional Training Equipment would generally include big, multi joint movements.

Think of machines and equipment such as:

Barbells, Dumbbells, Rigs, Squat Racks, Kettle bells, Cable machines, Functional trainers, dual adjustable pulley machines, speed ladders, cones, training parachutes, suspension training straps, CrossCore and power bands.

With advent of CrossFit throughout the world, functional training has been popularised, but at a cost. More and more reports are surfacing about overuse injuries related to some types of training, (

 This is not to say that you should avoid functional training, quite the opposite. I believe that it is beneficial, but not in a competitive and overzealous manner. Take it easy.

 Core, Abdominal, Mind Body and Aerobics 

Half Ball

Half Ball

This equipment normally requires some form of balance and coordination and therefore uses more of the brain than some of the simple movements such as ropes, aerobics steps, power bands, physio balls, yoga and Pilates equipment.


Mistake 2: Believing it’s a New Super Duper All In One Gym Machine.

Make Money from a gym

Make Money from a gym

As a general rule, if it seems to be too good to be true then it most probably is too good to be true!

 I hear this at least once every time I get invited to a party or gathering and people know me or hear about what I do. It is the claim about their new gym equipment.

  “It’s a brand New Exercise Machine. Just Invented! It does everything. My friend only used it for 3 seconds per day and lost 1000 pounds of fat!”

 No they didn’t and No it isn’t.

 No “They” didn’t. I am not sure who the dreaded “they” is but I can promise you that to lose a substantial amount of weight you need to do some substantial form of exercise or dietary adjustments, you don’t just get shaken to pieces, electrocuted, take a pill or smear snail juice all over your body. (OK, so who hasn’t tried a bit of snail juice?)

 And by “No, It isn’t” I mean that human beings have been around for a long time and every conceivable way of moving the body has been experimented with (ask Paris Hilton, she will back me up on that one).

 Most of the bigger gym equipment manufacturers have been through this process of experimenting with something new. If it works then the movement/equipment ends up going commercial and you will see it in a commercial gym. So what we have in commercial gyms floats down into the home gyms. We have the same machines carrying most of the market for a reason.

 There are of course new ways to use the same machines and that’s where the cutting edge research is now being focussed. This is the sort of thing that you will find in my “Change Your Mind Change Your Body” program.

No Machine does it all



You need to choose what you want to focus on and then choose according to that goal.

 As I mentioned before, through designing a workout correctly it is possible to experience both fat loss and muscle gain. Through the correct use of strength training machines and workouts, especially Holistic Circuit Training you can transform your body with the minimal investment.

 Motivation also plays a big factor in terms of the type of exercise you like to do. If you enjoy running, then a treadmill can be a brilliant machine to buy, because you will be excited about using it. Just don’t expect to put on much muscle by using it.

 Most of the time the problem is not that we don’t know what to do to change our bodies, it’s the problem of developing enough motivation to do what needs to be done.

Motivation is a key factor that I address in my Body Transformation Couse “Change Your Mind, Change Your Body”.


Mistake 3: Using Price as the Deciding Factor

Budget Gym

Budget Gym

In a survey done some years ago on satisfied gym equipment buyers in the United States, it should not come as a surprise to discover that for previous gym equipment buyers, (those experienced in the purchase and use of gym equipment), price became the least important factor out of five factors: needs, likability, durability, support systems and price.

Another terrible belief is “There is no such thing as too cheap. Buy on Price”.

Cough! splutter!

 Never buy gym equipment on price only. Buy on what your needs are first, buy the best priced gym equipment.

 The most important factors when you buy anything are

  1. Matching your needs to the features and benefits of the product. Will it do what you need it to do?


  1. Likability. When it comes to certain products there is an inherent motivation built into the enjoyment if using the product. I use an Apple Computer and I paid more for it than a normal computer. The thing is I find my Apple very comfortable to use and because I enjoy using it I spend more time working with it.

When it comes to exercise equipment research shows that people who find their gym equipment comfortable and sturdy tend to use it more. This should not be a surprise. Think of the opposite situation experienced by so many people who buy the cheapest rickety gym equipment from a supermarket. What is it like to feel a machine rattle, wobble, or just break when you are trying to use it?


Transformation Diet

  1. Durability and Warranty

Compare Apples with Apples, (and I am not talking about iPods and iPhones). Some treadmills will really last you 20 years and some will hardly make it a year. You can tell which ones will only last a year because that’s the length of the warranty.

It quite obvious to see, that a treadmill that is very light in weight and very cheap and has a very low maximum user weight (under 100kgs) is not going to last.


  1. Support Systems and Fitness Professionals Advice

If you are new to the fitness scene then you may decide to go it alone which is very brave of you, or you may decide to get some guidance.

Do you have someone whom you can call on to give you advice? Tell you more about the equipment that you have bought? Write a training program for you for your new gym?


  1. Value and Price

So price comes in at point 5 together with value. You can’t look at price alone until you compare it with all of the other value-add items


Mistake 4: Not Getting Your Head in The Right Place

Weight Training

Weight Training

If you are not using your equipment and it’s not broken then there are only two things that are preventing you.

 1: You don’t know how to use it

 2: You don’t want to use it.

 Fortunately both of these are easy to deal with. I am available to assist all clients with any type of gym equipment they buy.

Motivation and the “want to” is dealt with in my coaching or downloadable program, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Body.”*

 In a Nutshell

 For those with distracted minds and better things to do, here is the speeded up version with a “to do list”:

  1. Write down what you want to achieve 

Ensure that it falls into one of the main categories: getting lean, increasing muscle mass, toning up, increasing fitness levels, improving functional strength and movement.

  1. Motivation checklist. Why bother?

What will happen of a painful, unpleasant nature, if you carry on and don’t address your physical needs? How much would you pay to avoid the worst-case scenario?

 What will happen of a positive nature of you achieve your physical goals? Now how much is that worth to you in money terms?

 Add the two costs referred to above. That’s your budget for gym equipment, write it down.

My budget for gym equipment is……

  1. Special Needs and Preferences

If you have used gym equipment before, then what did you like? What didn’t you like?

Refine your choice of equipment using those criteria.

 Throw away the Gimmick Adverts.

You now know what you want, how much you are prepared to spend and why this matters. Now just choose from the tried and tested technologies out there. (see my lists above for assistance).

 If you have read any of my other reports then you will know what comes next.

 “Take Action”.

Miles Harrop

Miles Harrop

You have enough information now to do the right thing for you.

 Don’t let procrastination and the fear of change hold you back from becoming all that you can be.

So much time is spent on the internet reading and flitting around with our distracted minds. Perhaps you have decided that you simply don’t want to buy anything yet, and that might be the right decision for you.

 Or you may decide that you know what you need to buy to achieve the results you want and get the body you deserve.

 I could go on and on about how to choose the right gym equipment the first time around, and in fact I just have.

Get the above factors right and buy right the first time around. There are lots of correct ways for you to get your body where you want it to be.

What Next?

Miles Harrop

Miles Harrop

My passion is to help people buy right the first time as well as to ensure that they get into the shape they want and deserve.

 Why don’t you pop me an email with your questions regarding the gym equipment you are looking for?

You may also decide to buy one of my other ebook titles.

Or you may even decide to enrol in my Holistic Gym Transformation Program, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Body”.*


 Yours in Holistic Health and Fitness

Miles Harrop ACM, (MANCOSA), CFT, (ISSA)



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