Corporate Fitness Clubs

Wellness and Fitness Basics in a Corporate Gym

male-719539_960_720Many companies have provided their staff with excellent fitness facilities. Often plunging hundreds of thousands of Rands into development, only to be left wondering why 80% of the staff still fail to use the facility.

This course actively educates staff members and “sells” the benefits of exercises to them. Delegates are taken through an active goal setting process in addition to a focus on some of the less obvious benefits of exercise such as improving energy levels, management of diabetes, stress management, alleviation of depression and improving mental ability.

The course also covers information on designing a training program for different population groups, training for specific goals, the basics of healthy eating and the actual use of various items of fitness equipment.

Fat Loss and Fitness Workshop

Also known as “The Mental and Elementals of Fat Loss and Fitness”

A 1 day signature course which addresses the fundamentals areas of helping company employees get thin and healthy. This course has been designed using the latest research on fat loss and motivation.

Most employees have an abundance or information on how to stay fit and slim yet fail to do so. This is primarily because most diets and exercise programs do not address the fundamental and humanistic issue of motivation and the “hidden benefits” that food provide.

This course uses cutting edge NLP and hypnotherapeutic techniques to establish permanent good eating and exercise habits.

The course ends with a very powerful visualisations and goal setting exercise.

Delegates will also leave with personalized training programs and eating guidelines.

This course can be expanded to run over two and three days.