Dumbbells and Barbells

When is comes to great gym equipment, the main backbone of any commercial or home gym is the set of dumbbells or rack of barbells. Even the very modern gyms like Virgin Active and Planet fitness dedicate significant areas to a large dumbbell and barbell section.

It is quite possible to utilize every muscle in the body and to replace nearly every machine in the gym with a good set of weights and an adjustable bench

From bench press, through to leg curls,  squats, dumbbells thrusters, lunges, Turkish lifts, one armed snatch and so many muscle specific exercises.

The History of the Dumbbell

Halteres Dumbbells

Halteres Dumbbells

Dumbbells have been used to assist in training and exercise for thousands of years. They have been traced back to India and to Greece in various forms. Before they were named as dumbbells the Greeks called them  halteres. They were fashioned from rock

Dumbbells were originally named after the bell ropes use to pull or ring bells which were used to strengthen bell riggers in Stuart period England. The name Dumb being used to indicate that it didn’t make a noise, (but you already knew that, hey?)

(By the way the side spinning planet or Uranus was originally  going to be called Dumbbells due to its eccentric orbit and the fact that it eluded discovery for so long.) Now that’s something that you tell people when you are digging deep for some erudite and elucidating factoid when treadmilling next to that lovely blonde!

Dumbbells now come in many different forms including

·        Welded or fixed dumbbells

Welded Dumbbells

Welded Dumbbells

·        Adjustable dumbbells or Selectorised dumbbells, (great for home gyms and small spaces, they offer a mechanism which selects greater or few weights)

Adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells

·         Kettle bells, (a type of cannon ball with a handle)


 Possibly the most revolutionary development of the dumbbell over the last few years has been the adjustable dumbbell of Power block.

Saving space as well as money, this innovative designs enables you to cater for only on unit, buts have access to a number  of different weights by use of the selector pin mechanisms, (similar to a pre select piece of commercial gym equipment)

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