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It should come as no surprise that exercise has once again been confirmed a postive factor in influencing the death rate among diabetic patients

In addition weight training was associated with a significantly lower risk of type 2 diabetes, independent of aerobic exercise.

These are two conclusions reached by according to two studies.

Moderately active patients with diabetes had a lower risk of total mortality compared with those who were completely inactive

(Diewertje Sluik, MSc, of the German Institute of Human Nutrition in Potsdam, and colleagues.)

And in a different study, men who did weight training only at least 150 minutes per week had a 34% lower risk of developing diabetes to begin with

(according to Frank Hu, MD, PhD, of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, and colleagues.)

Both studies were published online in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Many previous studies have demonstrated the health benefits of weight training and cardio exercise for diabetic and pre diabetic patients.

diabetes and exercise

diabetes and exercise

These benefits include:

Previous work has shown that exercise offers many benefits to diabetic patients, including

  • lower glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels,
  • improved insulin sensitivity, and
  • beneficial effects on inflammation,
  • hypertension,
  • and endothelial function.

The “dose” is set at 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise.

Those who did both aerobic exercise and weight training for that amount of time had the greatest reduction in risk.

The authors noted that even a modest amount of weight training seemed beneficial, and the results “support that weight training serves as an important alternative for individuals who have difficulty adhering to aerobic exercise.”

Another good reason to keep up with at least moderate levels of activity and exercise

The results were Published on: August 06, 2012

Reviewed by Robert Jasmer, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco and Dorothy Caputo, MA, BSN, RN, Nurse Planner

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