Fat Loss Coaching Workshop


Fat Loss Coaching and Workshop

Weight Loss Program
Feed The Muscle and Burn the Fat*


Easy Weight Loss with the cutting edge science of Neuro Linguistic Programming*

“Change Your Mind, Change Your Body“ with Miles Harrop CHt.


What do Britney Spears, Ellen Degeneres and Sarah Ferguson have in common?

They all have used focused mind power, visulaisations and NLP to stay in shape and achieve their goals

You already know that diets don’t work. Research shows that more than 90% of dieters find all the weight they lost plus more after 2 years.

Learn How to Take Back Control of Your Mind and Your Emotions

Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Connection

I have been coaching people to lose weight and get in shape for more than 25 years. This course combines the latest fat loss techniques with cutting edge mental power techniques to keep you on track. I cover Mind Power, Emotional Management, Motivation Mind Power, Eating and Exercise*

For the first time in South Africa this material and knowledge will be offered in one single workshop*

Why should you attend this Body Transformation Workshop?

Guilty Eating

Guilty Eating

Are you guilty of repeat dieting and metabolic sabotage?
Would you like to change your weight or shape of your body and keep the change?
Eat the foods that you love and still stay in shape.
Learn the secrets of people who stay naturally thin, stay motivated through the good times and the bad.
Deal with stressful situations easily and effortlessly*
Sick and tired of repeat dieting… only to pack more weight on afterwards?

NLP is The Users Manuel to The Mind.

Change Your Mind Then Change Your Body*

You feel that you would like to see more about harnessing the natural power of your mind?
One of the co-founders of NLP once called it the “User’s Manual to the Human Brain”.

Get your brain to work for you rather than against you and your weight loss goals.

This Fat Loss course is available as individual sessions, one day workshop and weekly 2 hour group session formats.*

If you feel that you need to hear more about what I can show you, then you could call me now on 071 863 7398

About your presenter Miles Harrop

Miles Harrop

Miles Harrop

Miles Harrop has been coaching, training and developing people in sales and self development for more than 25 years.

With a strong foundation in health and wellness; Miles now specialises in Influence Coaching, Mind Empowerment, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Coaching.

He presents various training courses in Port Elizabeth, East London, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Miles is formally certified in:

Business management (MANCOSA) ,
personal training (ISSA),
NLP, (Master Practitioner with AHT)
and Hypnotherapy, (SAIH and IMDHA).

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Yes, I want to know more!

Yes, I want to Know More


* Results vary from person to person.

We don’t guarantee results.

Weight Loss is a result of following a kilojoule or calories restricted diet and making a number of lifestyle changes.

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