Home Gym Equipment Review

Are you thinking of shifting your workouts homeward?

Asking “what equipment is best for a home gym?”

Thinking of adding some equipment to you current home gym but you don’t know what to add?

Read on and learn how to set up a great home gym with some of the latest and most innovative equipment available in South Africa

Earlier this year I was inundated by calls and emails from enthusiasts wanting to set up their first home gym. Excellent I say! I did also have my fair share of people looking for good treadmills under R5000. Here is the answer: They don’t exist.

Neither do good second hand treadmills exist.

They are being dumped for a reason. Even if they are brand new (and most of them really are new) the owner realized that the motor was only capable of carrying his pet hamster, (the thin hamster that gets bullied by the big hamster). You get the picture.

Home Gyms

Home Gyms

Don’t buy second hand treadmills… ever. It will all end in tears. The only difference will be that you now have blown your budget on fitness equipment and you will carry on putting on weight. Not a happy ending!

So that’s the gym equipment that you should not buy,  What should you do?

For an effective home gym you need the following three things.

  1. Some Inclination
  2. Some Space
  3. Some Money

1. Some Inclination to actually use your new gym equipment.

Weight Training

Weight Training

What do you want to achieve? What are your fitness goals?

Do you want to exercise and achieve results? Are you aware of how you can improve nearly aspect of your life by regular exercise?

Do you want to train in the comfort of your own home and invest in something you own?

Exercise and gym training works two broad categories.

  1. Change in body appearance, (loss of fat, muscle gain, toning)
  2. Change in body function, (Fitness, health, flexibility, strength, speed)

In the old days strength machines were regarded solely as muscle building and cardio only for fat burning. This is not true, it never was.

By changing how you do an exercise, you can achieve different things.

What do you want to achieve with your new home gym?

Most of you will say weight loss. Weight loss or more specifically fat loss is best achieved by combining some sort of strength training with high intensity cardio training. So don’t just look at treadmills.

Ask me for advice on other forms of exercise that will assist you in losing weight such as High Intensity Interval Training, Tabata, Metabolic Training and Circuit Training, all of which can be performed with weights and home gyms.

Cardio includes treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, elliptical trainers and steppers.

Good home treadmills start at around R10 000. Before you discount spending more  than the minimum on a treadmill consider the factors you take into account when buying a car such as;

comfort, reliability, and extended warranty. Why should your health be any different?

2. Some Space  for your new gym equipment or home gym.

home gym

home gym

For a space of ten square meters you could fit in a three station multi gym and a treadmill. Even the poor exchange rate cant change that!

Single station multi gyms in less than 6 square metres.

Dumbbells and adjustable bench less than 5 square metres

The average home treadmill is about 2m long and about 80cm wide. If you just want a treadmill or piece of cardio then cater for some area around it, some breathing space and of course think about how to get it into the room. Winding staircases are no friends of treadmills.

Good fitness facility includes Cardio, strength and core (stability and flexibility) training.

So if you have the space you might want to include one or more item of cardio, (treadmill, rower, bike, stepper or elliptical)

Add a strength station, (Multigym, or adjustable bench and dumbbells)

Lastly a physio ball, TRX suspension and a mat.

We can assist our clients with 3d CAD design call me for more information

3. Some Money for your new gym equipment

Home Gyms

Home Gyms

How much do you need? Well how seriously do you take your training and what do you want to achieve?

Good treadmills start at R15 000, a great rower you can get from under R13 000 (other cardio vascular gym equipment like elliptical trainers, recumbent exercise bikes and steppers may even be cheaper)

Multigyms begin at R17 000, (deepening on the exchange rate).  If you want to get serious and have your spouse join in for the fun and sweat there are a number of multi station multigyms now such as the Powertec range and Bodycraft range.

Home Gym Equipment Summary

A fully equipped and balanced home gym can be created with an investment of less than R50 000. (multigym, treadmill, commercial quality adjustable bench and dumbbells)

Have a look at our packages here or contact me for a full proposal.

Equipment can be ordered online and delivered within a few days anywhere in South Africa

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