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Leg Press

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Leg Press

Leg Press

The Leg press is one of the most popular gym machines in home and commercial gyms. Leg press machines are available in plate load and selectorised versions. The leg press has the reputation for being the machine to carry the heaviest poundage’s.

This is in part due to the 45 degree design of most leg presses as well as the advantageous seated position of the user.

It is not unusual to hear about some of top bodybuilders and power lifters using up to 2500 pounds (over a metric tonne) on a leg press. The world records for a squat is 1260 pounds, (571kg).

There is a  mathematical formula using trigonometry to calculate the actual downward force of the leg press. This is of course academic, the most important thing to know in life is how big your biceps are, how much you can bench press and how many of your friends can sit on the leg press machine whilst you work out!


In a Nutshell .What makes the Leg Press Great

Leg Press Machine

Leg Press Machine

The leg press works the following muscle groups: Quadriceps, Hamstring, Gluteus maximus

We have a wide range of leg press machines and related machines. I will only cover some of the possibilities. Please contact me directly if you need an expanded list of available leg machines, free weight or other gym equipment.


Free Weight Leg Press Machine

Most of the modern free weight leg press machines are made to be used with Olympic weights, although versions can still be sourced for normal plates.  Another very favourable trend I have seen with manufacturers is the combining of the hack squat and leg press.

This works really well in the average corporate or home gym. If you are looking at piling on more than 250kg of weights onto your leg press then you would want to take a look at a dedicated leg press machine that would allow more weight.


Cable Operated/ selectorised leg press

Leg Press

Leg Press


Multigym Leg Press Machines

The ‘cable’ type leg press, or ‘seated leg press’, commonly found on multigyms or in the circuit training area. The user sits upright and pushes forward with their feet onto a plate that is attached to the weight stack by means of a long steel cable.

This is a good alternative for circuit training.

Leverage Leg Press

Leverage Leg Press

Leverage Leg Press

Companies such as Powertec have developed leverage type machines which have eliminated cables. These lever arm machines can be bought in commercial versions as well as home multigym attachments.

 The Leg Sled / Hack Squat



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The leg sled format is a new generation of safer and user friendly equipment. Brought to market in South Africa by Powertec the machine offers a wonderful mix of some classical favourites

The slide of the hack squat is obvious but what makes the machine safe and unique is how the weight is applied to the legs. Instead of shoulder pieces driving the weight down through the back, the user assumes a position normally seen in a donkey calf raise calf machine.

What makes this machine even more appealing is that it can be used as a perfectly functional donkey calf raise machine as well as a leg press / hack squat.

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