Looking for Gym Equipment South Africa?

Looking for Gym Equipment Prices In  South Africa?

Gym Equipment Prices

Gym Equipment Prices

When you look for gym equipment prices in South Africa, whether that be for fitness equipment prices, Free weight prices a commercial gym, health club, exclusive fitness facility, outdoor gym crossfit club or a home gym to transform your body. Or perhaps you just want to learn more about types of gym equipment and free weight gym equipment.

Who do you go to for an all inclusive and holistic solution? You come to an expert in both gym equipment and human performance, like Holistic Gym Systems.

Dont just jump in and buy the cheapest dumbbells, multigyms and treadmills.

If you want to jump in and have a look at our ranges of affordable fitness and gym equipment then take a look at this holistic gym link and browse the specials, categories and offerings of affordable fitness equipment, advice and transformation programs. 

If you want to understand how the different types and models of gym equipment could help you, and more importantly how you can buy the right gym equipment first time around, then read on.

What Can You Achieve With Gym Equipment In South Africa?

When you come to buy gym equipment it can be quite a confusing world out there on the search engines. So perhaps I can help you with a bit more information

Gym Equipment Prices

Gym Equipment Prices

With good gym equipment, regular exercise, balanced eating and There is gym equipment to suit each and every aspect of the training effect that can occur in your body. Hows that fir a vague answer?

OK, heres something a bit more specific

A training effect according to wikipedia(1) (that source of wisdom and knowledge) refers to the “adaptive responses to (physical) training programs ” that creates changes in the following systems;




Changes in these systems lead to benefits and changes to Functional capacity and Strength, simple hey?

Translation Please!

OK, Gym Equipment can help you lose weight, increase muscle mass, increase strength, make you fitter, improve the efficiency of your cardiovascular system.

In addition to those benefits, exercise in general can have some additional benefits and positive effects.

  • Improved sex life
  • Increase in IQ
  • Increased creativity
  • Help reduce depression. Sometimes as much as, and for longer than antidepressants,  (2) (3)
  • Increase brain or neuro-plasticity (4)

What types of gym equipment are there?

Gym Equipment Prices

Gym Equipment Prices

There are always two ways of looking at gym equipment and this would be the answer to two important questions

What part of the body and what training effects do you want to achieve with the gym equipment?

What type of usage will the gym equipment be expected to cater for?

There are four main categories of gym equipment, fitness equipment and exercise machines with the benefits listed underneath.

  • Gym Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Crossfit training Equipment
  • Aerobics Equipment and Fitness Accessories

Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment Prices

Force USA Smith Machine 3

This is one of the broadest categories of gym, exercise and fitness equipment. This is where you will find all of the strength training, resistance training, toning, muscle building and gym machines.

This gym equipment will help you put on muscle and keep muscle. Remember that muscle is your fat burning machine so if you don’t do strength training you will steadily lose muscle as you get older.

Squat Racks and Smith Machines.

This category of gym equipment included items such as power racks, power cages, squat racks, smith machine, leg press, hack squats and any of the power lifting based equipment.

Gym Benches and abdominal training.

This category includes gym benches, adjustable benches, flat incline decline benches, IFID benches, dumbbells benches, captains chairs, roman chairs, ab crunch benches, bodyweight, hyper extensions, vertical knee raises

Weights and weight training

This is where you will find all the free weights, dumbbells, barbells, adjustable dumbbells, weight plates, bumper plates,

Gym Machines

The gym machine category is where you will find all of the multigyms, and cable machines such as the cable crossover, functional trainers and dual adjustable pulley machines.

There are plate loaded machines such as standing calf raise machines, leg sleds, chest press machines and a lot more.

You will also find the commercial gym machines such as the selectoriesd equipment including lat pulldowns, chest press, seated rowing, seated calf machines, abductors, adductors and flute machines.

Fitness Equipment including Cardio Machines 

Gym Equipment Prices

WaterRower High Rise

Sometimes referred to as Cardiovascular Gym Training Equipment.

When you walk into a big gym and you see rows and rows of treadmills, exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, elliptical cross trainers, rowing machines and gym steppers, then you are looking at the cardio areas.

Previously called aerobic gym equipment, (because they can work the aerobic system), these machine were always regarded as the fat burners of the gym. Recent research has shown that they the story is not so simple, so don’t go running out to buy a treadmill to lose weight yet.

Slow, steady state cardio, (think of people walking and running for hours on a treadmill) actually ages the body, increases the street hormone cortisol and can lead to a reduction in body muscle.

Eeeew!  Thats exactly what you don’t want to do when you are beginning a body transformation program

This is what you will find


Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Elliptical Cross Trainers

Rowing Machines


Crossfit and Functional Training Gym Equipment South Africa

Gym Equipment Prices

CrossFit Gyms

Crossfit is a relatively hardcore and functional training system, but it is not exactly the same as functional training. Crossfire includes a whole business plan, community, culture and even a world games event. It truly has become a world wide phenomenon.

Functional training are exercises and movements that are actually part of everyday life.

If you were to consider a gym machine like a pec fly, thats not a normal movement, its aimed at building the pectoral muscles in a certain way. Functional movements would involve movements that are common for the individual clients such as running, walking, lifting, postural exercises and so on.

Functional training would also include rehabilitation movements to help people return to normal life after an accident, injury or an operation.

Originally functional training’s supposed to be done according to two basic criteria

1: Standing up

2: Involving complex movements or multi join movements

However it is not as simple as that as some functional training focuses on joints which require stabilising muscles to be built, strengthened and therefore become more functional. In this case small single joint movements, (such as the rotator cuff movements) count as functional training.

According to Michael Boyle of Human Kinetics, there are three groups needing to be stabilised.

1: Rotator cuffs and scapula stabilisers

2: Abductors and adductors around the hip and pelvis

3: The deeper (and hidden) abdominal muscles such as traverses abdomens (TA) and internal oblique muscles.

This category of fitness and gym equipment includes

Weights and Weight Plates

Battle Ropes

Bodyweight Benches and Exercises

including chin bards, dip bars, suspension training

Other Functional Training Equipment

such as gym flourish, power bags, skipping ropes and foam rollers

Aerobics Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment Prices

Aerobics and Mind Body

Who has not seen an aerobics class in the gym? Whether you are from a Jane Fonda generation or something a little more contemporary you will understand the concept of large groups of people training together in what can be a very encouraging and motivational environment

In the same way that Spinning bikes took boring old cycling and turned it into an exciting boom box music type of class, aerobics classes can be dynamic, fun, functional, motivational and very effective.

Aerobics equipment and fitness accessories will include any of the following

Abs and Core training

including gym mats, pilates equipment, suspension and bodyweight training.

Aerobics specific equipment

such as aerobics steps, gym balls and aerobics dumbbells.

Body conditioning equipment

such as power bands, yea equipment, balance boards and fit chairs

Fitness accessories

such as skipping ropes, power bags, gym flooring  and bodyweight exercises.

Specialised gym balls

Including half balls, boss balls, physio balls, slam balls, slosh balls, medicine balls and wall balls.

So that was in answer to what types of gym equipment there are. Of course it may be simpler just to send me an email with what you want to achieve and let me help you get it right the first time.

Now to answer the second question

What Quality of Gym Equipment is There?

Home Gym Equipment South Africa

Gym Equipment Prices

Force USA Arm Curl Attachment

Gym equipment for the home user is usually of a lighter weight construction, meaning that it can be made more affordable for the end user. There is no point in buying n item of full commercial gym equipment quality if you are only going to us it for an hour per day.

Examples of home gym equipment can be found at the following links

Home treadmills and cardio vascular equipment

Home weight training equipment

Light Commercial Gym Equipment.

gym equipment south africa


Light commercial gym equipment is made for two main uses.

1: The more serious gym trainer and fitness enthusiast

2: The light commercial facility. This includes small privates gyms and personal training studios, hotels and other light use gyms.

Two general rules of thumb here would be that the equipment should be used for less than four hours per day and that there should be a certain ratio of gym equipment stations per member

Full Commercial Gym Equipment

Fitness Equipment Prices

Studio Cycling

Full commercial gym equipment would be the gym equipment that most people have become accustomed to using and seeing when they train at one of the bigger gym chains in South Africa.

I am always given shocked looks when customers enquire about the treadmills that they have been using at a Virgin Active and I tell them that in South Africa they could sell for between R1000 000 and R150 000, (yes you read right, thats over one hundred thousand rands).

Of course there are cheaper options if you are not stuck on getting a certain brand name into your new gym.

Some home gym owners purchase commercial gym equipment for their homes, and that is find if you have the money. Generally the commercial equipment will feel sturdier and more solid.

When it comes to the treadmills, elliptical trainers. rowing machines, exercise bikes and steppers, the exercise machines will have been designed to take a lot of punishment. Gym goes are not known for being genteel and kind on equipment that they don’t own.

Which Gyms Use Which Gym Equipment?

In addition to diving the gym equipment categories up, you could also say that the various gyms that you find around South Africa can be split into differing gym categories. Here are the most useful and defining categories of gyms in South Africa.

1: Home Gyms.

2: Commercial Gyms

3: School Gyms

4: Personal Training Studios

5: Government Run Gyms, (Including Police Gyms, Army Gyms, Prisons services)

6: High Performance Sports Centres

7: Golf and Lifestyle Estates

8: Corporate Gyms

The Best Prices For Gym Equipment?

Exercise Equipment Prices South Africa

Fitness Equpment Prices

Weight Training

When it comes to getting the best prices for gym equipment in South Africa, you don’t need to look far. I have included prices in all of the equipment categories. If you don’t find what you are looking for then I will search out the best fitness equipment prices for you.

As with all purchases in life common sense dictates that when you buy cheap, you get cheap. We sell affordable fitness solutions, that means that we source well priced great quality superb value fitness equipment.

You will always see cheaper equipment in a supermarket or in the junk mail or at the second hand shop. There is a reason for this.

Holistic Gym Systems helps people buy affordable fitness equipment and holistic solutions for their fitness needs. If you are looking for a commercial or personal fitness solution then you can trust me to find you the right solution at a price that will you make you smile.

Get it right the first time around and make the change for a better, fitter life. Make the Holistic choice.

Searching Can Wear You Out!

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References and further reading