VKR Chin and Dip Power Tower

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The Power Tower

The Power Tower is known by that name for a very good reason

Known by many names the Power Tower is sometimes called a VKR, vertical knee raise, hip flexor or even a knee up machine. Whatever you call it the vertical keen raise machine has become a massive value add to any home or commercial gym

What can a Power Tower Do For You?

This body weight machine is a gym machine which allows you do the following exercises and movements.

Back and Biceps

Power Tower Muscles 2

Power Tower Muscles 2

Chins or Pullups work the lats (or latisimus dorsi muscles for the lovers of the Latin names) Biceps and forearms.

Chest Shoulders and Triceps

Power Tower Muscles

Power Tower Muscles

Dips and push ups work the pecs, (pectoralis major) deltoids and triceps.

Abdominal Muscles

Power Tower Muscles 3

Power Tower Muscles 3

Sit ups, hanging leg raises, knee raises and hip flexors all work the group of muscles around the mid section and abdomen


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