WaterRower Rowing Machine Natural in Ash

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WaterRower Natural in Ash Home Rowing Machine

WaterRower Rowing Machine

WaterRower Rowing Machine

Rowing Machines are in a different league.

WaterRower in a Nutshell

  • Natural Rowing Motion and water based resistance
  • Smooth injury free low impact workout
  • Low fitness machine maintenance
  • Full Body Workout.
  • Additional Support from WaterRower

Natural Rowing Motion and water based resistance

WaterRower Natural in Solid Ash Wood 2

WaterRower Natural in Solid Ash Wood 2

Unlike the somewhat artificial feeling of the air rowing machines, the WaterRower offers a superior water based resistance.

Create More Spare Time Using the Most Efficient Exercise.

With an increase level of exercise intensity that means that you get a better, harder and more efficient workout in less time, and who can say that they don’t need more time

Independent researchers have verified that a WaterRower workout can burn up to 1000 calories an house and utilise more than 80% of your body’s muscle mass.

That’s more muscle mass than any other single fitness machine and more calorie burning than a treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike or spinning bike which average 500 to 600 calories per hour.

Smooth injury free low impact workout

The “WaterRower” is the original water resistance based indoor rower machine. As with all cardio vascular machines you are able to vary the resistance. The resistance is created by water within a tank and the faster you row the more resistance is created.

This remarkable effect of water is called infinite resistance and many users report a smoother, quieter and lower impact rowing workout than many of the older model “air rowers”, or magnetic rowers.

Low Cost Low Rowing Machine Maintenance

Low maintenance with an exceptional WaterRower warranty.

  • 5 year warranty on WaterRower frame.
  • 3 year warranty on other parts.


Full Body Workout.

WaterRower Rowing Machine

WaterRower Rowing Machine

Perhaps the best reason to invest your health and fitness budget into a WaterRower is the fact that there is no other fitness machines that offers such an intense and whole body full body workout as the WaterRower. 

What People Are Saying About The WaterRower

Harvard Lecturer and Neurosurgeon T. Forcht Dagi, (MD, MPH, FACS, FCCM) states that rowing on the WaterRower is the closest to actually rowing on water. The rather unique water resistance created by patented paddle water resistance system

Precise levels of increased workload can be monitored using the advanced monitor and feedback from the device. Ask anyone who has had to maintain a consistence workout and fitness regime; consistent and accurate feedback in a must. Accurate workout feedback and measurement of results leads to increase motivation and ultimately sticking with the program and achieving your fitness goals!

Donna C. Isaac who is a Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration in Memphis, (Rolfing) and expert on body movement believes that rowing may be the ultimate of all exercises available. Because of the unique movements of the WaterRower system providing, flow, smooth movement and enhancement of the body’s stroke, she believes the WaterRower is the rowing machine of choice

WaterRower Technical Stuff.

So what are some of the technical innovations that make the WaterRower stand out from the crowd of other rowing machines.

Great Quality Advanced S4 Console.

WaterRower Natural in Ash

WaterRower Natural in Ash

The WaterRower console gives multiple levels and areas of feedback including;

  • Intensity measured in meters per second. That’s a great feature for keeping up your number of calories burned per minute and improving your results.
  • Time per 100 meters and time per 2 kilometre.
  • Watts and calories per house
  • Stroke rate
  • Heart rate available with the optional heart rate attachment
  • Distance in meters, kilometres, miles, duration and total number of strokes.

Unique Water Flywheel for Superior Rowing

The unique Water Flywheel mimics a totally authentic rowing movement and action. The resistance and difficulty level of the WaterRower is caused by “drag effect” on the tank sides.

This type of rowing machine resistance is also called self-regulating resistance or infinite as the harder you row the harder it becomes.

As you increase the rate of stroke repetitions, so the drag increase and hence the amount of work needed to overcome the drag. A tougher aerobic workout or easier workout, you decide!

The Superior Material Connection “Drive Strap”.

WaterRower in Ash

WaterRower in Ash

The Drive Strap is manufactured to be:

  • light,
  • strong,
  • non-corrosive,
  • long lasting,
  • durable,

Ergonomically Designed “Floating” Footboard.

The footboard follows the raising and falling of the heel throughout the movement and stroke. This provides additional stability and comfort from beginning to end.  

Ultra Quite Rowing Action

Users describe the action as being quiet and meditative. Exercising to the natural sounds of water is something very special!

This is in stark contrast to the somewhat mechanical and noisy results of the air rower mechanisms.

Ergonomically Designed Tear Shape Handle.

WaterRower Handle

WaterRower Handle

The customer engineered tear shaped rower handle limits the tendency to “cock the wrist” which can be the cause of tendon injuries 

High Strength Two Rail.

The signature Ash WaterRower is known by its two rail design which results in an almost unbelievable maximum user weight of 400kg.  

Rowing Coaching Support.

Once Go to https://www.howtorow.com for a diverse array of support and coaching services directly aimed at the new WaterRower owner. 

If you are looking for value for your money as well as an a capable and beautiful rowing machine then this is a unique benefit for you.  

  • Specialised and Personal Training services
  • Online advice for training
  • Diet and Nutritional advice
  • Exercise physiology aimed at rowing including rowing tehcniques and form
  • Guidelines, programmes and plans for training routines.

Special “Spragg clutch” System.

Ensure a continued smooth and enjoyable rowing workout with the automatic spragg clutch system. This system creates a lower impact workout and more consistence resistance. You will literally feel the difference between the WaterRower and the air rower systems. 



Easy To Store and Beautiful to Behold.

WaterRower Storage

WaterRower Storage

If there is one thing that all WaterRower owners talk about then it is the elegant and striking appearance of the units. If you want to own a stunning looking piece of gym equipment for your home or commercial gym, then this would the right gym machine to buy.

The natural in Ash rowing machine is hand crafted and is finished in a honey oak stain together with a being hand finished with Danish oil.



Crafted in replenishable woods due to the extraordinary physical and longevity properties, the various WaterRowers are a sight to behold. The wooden rowing frame absorbs noise and vibrations making your workout smoother, quitter and more enjoyable.

Whether being used or being stored upright, there is simply no other fitness machine or item of gym equipment that looks quite like it.

More Technical Rowing Machine Stuff

  • Usage: Light Commercial
  • Power Options: Eskom Resistant! Self Powered
  • Max User Weight: 400 kg
  • Wooden Frame: Stained Ash
  • Warranty: 5 years fram and 3 years parts
  • Product weight: 38 kg
WaterRower Natural in Solid Ash Wood

WaterRower Natural in Solid Ash Wood

What Should You Do Now?

Whether you want to buy now, or when the time is right for your now, then feel free to call me or contact to me so I show you more.  

Let me help you buy right the first time around s you can start enjoying the benefits of your gym equipment now.


Power OptionsEskom Resistant! Self Powered
Max User Weight400 kgs
Wood FinishAsh
Seat Wheels4
Console TypeS4 Motor
WarrantyFrame 5 Years; Parts 3 years; Labour 1 year
Size L/W/H 218 x 56 x 53 cm
Size (Boxed)L/W/H 73 x 63 x 53 cm box 2 : 139 x 29 x 43
Product Weight35 kgs
What else can I tell you? Low impact & unbeatable whole body workout which will help you burn more that 1000 calories an hour. Better than any treadmill or elliptical cross trainer. Uses more than 85% of the body's muscles.

Payment & Delivery

Payment and Delivery



Holistic Gym Takes all the pain out of ordering gym equipment and programs.


All payments are made before we dispatch the order.Once you have requested a quote and specified the following:
  • where you require delivery to be made and
  • whether you require installation
  • any other special requests
I will send you a final quote and if you agree I will send a pro forma invoiceOnce you have paid the amount reflected on the pro forma invoice, I will dispatch the order.

Items on backorder

If your request item is not in stock you will informed before you pay. You will then have the choice as to whether take delivery when the item comes back in stock, or simply remove it from your order.

Free Boxed Delivery

Free boxed delivery is included throughout most of South Africa on orders over R1000Delivery period is between 3 and 7 working daysThe delivery offer assumes that there is a tarred road to  your delivery address. Rough or unusual terrain may need additional support and additional charge may be levied.The delivery does not include installation. Installation involves removing the equipment from the boxes, putting the equipment together and checking that it is working. Should you require this service then please ask for a separate quote. In the main areas of South Africa such as Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth the installation per item is in the region of R595 per item. For large orders there is a substantial discount per item. Please ask me for a quote.

Difficult to access delivery points

The normal delivery is made by an external courier company, the delivery team will not have special training in dismantling doorways or counters to deliver. The delivery team will somply deliver the boxed equipment into the room of your choice.Please check the dimension of equipment and the access points prior to ordering. If in doubt please call me.

Supervision of Delivery

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Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy Gym Equipment and Fitness Solutions From Holistic Gym

Holistic Gym Systems

Holistic Gym Systems

Miles HarropBuying gym equipment is a long term decision, just the same as buying a car or a house. You want to get it right the first time around. We know how important this is and how scary big purchases can be. We will bend over backwards to make this decision as easy, effortless and above all affordable as possible for you. Deal with someone who has the experience, the knowhow and commitment to make your buying experience fast, simple, effortless and as inexpensive as possible. What would you look for in a Fitness Solution Provider?

1: Affordable Fitness

You want to get the best quality and brand for the best possible prices.

2: Holistic Fitness Solutions

You want to find a supplier who has the ability to offer programs and support to go with your equipment. There is no use in buying a treadmill and not knowing how to use it.

3: Motivation and Ongoing Support

You want to deal with someone who offers update information on fitness, weight loss and health to keep you using your program or gym equipment

4: Great Quality Products with Guaranteed Back Up

You want to buy gym equipment and programs which are the best possible quality for the price that you are paying together with solid back up. You don't want to buy a cheap multigym only to find out that no spares are available when it begins to fall apart. Buy right the first time around. Let me help you do that.

5: Flexibility of supply

If we don't have the equipment that you are looking for we will try our level best to source it for you.

6: Access to the right people at the right time.

Don't get left in the cold by a supplier who ignores your cries for help. We will give you access to the best technicians and support staff when you need it.

7: Experience in Business Models and Fitness

If you are building a business such as a gym or wellness centre then you want to deal with someone who has the ability to offer you sound business advice as well as fitness solutions. I have more than 20 years of cold face business experience in the health and fitness industry. Dealing with me means that you get real advice from a seasoned businessman. For more than 25 years I have helped people transforms their lives with different fitness solutions. Let me help you.

Miles Harrop

Miles Harrop

Miles Harrop Cht, CFT Fitness Professional and Business Coach