Spinning Bike Force V700 Light Commercial

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Spinning Bike Force V700 Light Commercial

Spinning Bike V700

Spinning Bike V700

Spin Bike V700 from Vortex

If your aim is to tone muscle, lose fat, increase fitness and boost stamina, then the Vortex V700 Spin Bike, designed in the USA, is the bike for you. It is a heavy-duty, semi-commercial Spin Bike which meets international athletic training standards. The Vortex V700 will take you to the next level in meeting your cardio fitness goals.

This bike is an efficient and safe machine, whose conceptual design is optimally sleek and up-to-date. It is a pleasure to use and it will encourage you to push your training enabling you to reach your goals faster and more enjoyably.

It is user-friendly and everything adjusts so it can be used by people of any size. The handlebar height can be adjusted easily with pop-pin adjustments, allowing it to move up and down.

To allow any for any user height, training positions and specialised training exercises, the seat can be moved up, down, forward and backwards.

The handlebars are precisely angled for optimal, exercise specific ergonomic positioning and are multi-grip coated and non-slip.

A Light Commercial Spin Bike at a Home Bike Price

V 700 Spinning Bike

V 700 Spinning Bike

The seat of the Vortex V700 Spin Bike is designed to be comfortable, but at the same time is firm enough to allow for rigorous exercise. The upholstery and padding are heavy-duty and of a commercial grade which will prevent rips and tears.

To enjoy a session of cardio and fitness training, all you have to do is to get on the Vortex V700, strap into the pedals and begin cycling. While you are pedalling, all you have to do is to adjust the fly-wheel tension knob for flat-out sprints or turn up the resistance and get up off the seat for a mountain climb. You can enjoy sprints, marathons or interval training at the touch of a button. The Vortex V700 will allow you to enjoy a professional spin class session in the privacy of your home.

There are two front wheels and four adjustable stabilisers under the base of the frame which allow the Vortex V700 to be easily moved by lifting the rear of the frame and either pushing or pulling the bike.

To accurately measure your speed, estimated calories and training time, a computer has been included.

Enjoy and optimise your training more efficiently and safely on the Semi-Commercial Vortex V700 Spin Bike.

The Vortex V700 Spin Bike offers the following features:

  • Flywheel Mass: 22 kg
  • Belt Driven
  • Adjustable Handlebar position
  • Adjustable Seat Position
  • An Optional Monitor is included
  • The Maximum User Weight is 125 kg
  • 2 Front Transport Wheels
  • The Size is: Length 115 cm, Width 52 cm, Height 116 cm
  • Weight of Product is 45 kg
  • The Warranty consists of:
    • 5 years on Frame
    • 1 year on parts
    • 1 year on labour

Designed to exacting standards and of light commercial gym equipment quality, this spinning bike is ideal for small gyms, spinning studios, corporate gyms and demanding home gym environments.  

From Vortex Spinning Bikes and Force USA Gym Equipment

One of the leading suppliers of home gym and light commercial gym equipment.


Stylish and Functional Spinning Bike

Push yourself further and blast out those fat blasting heart pumping workouts in great style. This bike looks good and feels great 

Adjustments Made Easy For All Users

Spinning Bike V 700

Spinning Bike V 700

This bike is designed for many different sizes and shapes of users. No mater the size of your gym members this bike has the adjustments to make them feel at home

Handlebar adjustment includes vertical adjustment and the seat offers horizontal and vertical adjustments.  

The spinning bike seat is built from durable upholstery and padding. No more concerns about your saddle falling apart.

The handlebars have a specialised non-slip grip and are angled for function and comfort.  

Great Commercial Grade Spinning Bike Specifications.

22 kg flywheel for smooth ride and experience

Belt-driven for ultra quiet and smooth workout.

Heavy duty construction

It Really Is a Simple Workout

You don’t need any specialised knowledge to begin Spinning on this bike. Just get on your bike and use the infinite resistance adjustment to create your chosen difficulty level and workout intensity.

For ease of moving the spin bike around, there are transport wheels and stabilisers for uneven surfaces.

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Payment and Delivery



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Miles Harrop

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