Cable Crossover Machine

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  • Lifetime warranty on frame for commercial use
  • 68 kg weight stacks
  • Adjustable pulleys
  • Includes a chin up bar[/list_bullet]

R30,000 R26,000 Incl. VAT



The Cable Crossover

Get all of the benefits of a full commercial cable crossover machine for a fraction of the price. This gym machine can be used instead of a dual adjustable pulley or functional trainer.

All The Gym Machine Exercises For Less

Any serious gym machine enthusiast will know that the cable crossover machine is the king of the gym when it comes to sheer exercise versatility and flexibility.

Perform literally hundreds of movements.

This commercial quality cable crossover will keep your members and personal trainers busy with different exercise combinations every day.

And for your own training, remember that more options for gym exercises means less boredom. Less boredom converts to a better, harder, sharper and more muscular physique.

Great Features with This Cable Crossover

A sturdy and stable gym machine, this classic and vital machine for any home gym or commercial gym takes a lot of beating.

With a tall and broad frame and interchangeable handles, the range of exercise options is impressive. Use the cables at low or high settings to hit those muscles from so many different angle stimulating strength and growth.

This unit offers 20 different height adjustment options for the pulley. Juts imagine the possibilities!

Add to this the pull up / chin station with a multitude of different grip options.

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