Cable Crossover Attachment

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Cable Crossover Attachment

Force USA Cable Crossoevr Attachment

Force USA Cable Crossover Attachment

Turn the Force USA power rack into a multi gym with the cable crossover attachment.

Buying a power rack these days is not just about the high standard of manufacturing or structural integrity of the machine, it is also about the number of additional features and options extras

The Force USA Cable Crossover Attachment

The cable crossover attachment adds onto the Force USA Power Rack, Code F-PC) and available here, creating a cable crossover or functional trainer machine.

After adding the cable crossover attachment, you can also add the pec deck attachment as well as the lat pull-down low row attachment

With each side of the cable crossover being able to take over 200 kgs

Force USA Cable Crossover Attachment for F-PC or F-UPC 

The F-PCC is an attachment which connects to the F-PC or F-UPC Power Cages adding cable crossover / functional trainer exercise options to your power cage.

See how the whole Force USA system comes together to form a complete home gym system here.

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