Powertec Roller Smith Machine

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Powertec Roller Smith Machine

Powertec Smith Machine 3

Powertec Smith Machine 3

The Powertec Roller Smith Machine is an Old favourite that is making a comeback in the strength and gym equipment scene. Powertec Fitness is of course know for its innovative design and superb craftsmanship.

Eight roller bearings guide the Olympic bar in a smooth movement which ensures frictionless, stable and effective exercises. Add to this the adjustable spring loaded clips and you have a machine that offers safety all of the time and throughout the whole movement.

This is a great value, great quality Smith Machine from the World Leader in Home Gym Equipment.


The Powertec range is used in home and light commercial gym settings. This means that this Smith Machine may be very comfortable in a personal training studio, small gym, corporate gym or hotel gym. Of course at this price you will be getting a light commercial piece of gym equipment at the cost of home gym equipment.

What workouts can you do on this?

The Poweretc Smith Machine can be used for a great variety of strength and resistance workouts.

Although the base unit is a Smith Machine frame, Powertec, through their constant innovative development and design have made it possible to add a number of additional accessories and really expand the number of exercises that you can perform on this machine.

  • Bench Press, Incline Bench Press for chest
  • Dead lift Rowing, Chins, Reverse Grip Rowing for back and lats
  • Upright rowing, shrugs and other exercises for traps
  • Delts: Military Press, Press behind neck
  • Biceps curls.
  • Tricep pushdowns, narrow Grip Bench Press, Tricep Extensions, French Press
  • Squats, Lunges and Front Squats for legs, quads and thighs

Lat Tower Accessory

With the additional lat tower accessory you are able to add the following exercises to your routine

  • Lat Pull down for back and lats
  • Tricep pushdowns for trcieps
  • Overhead triceps extensions
  • Seated base pulley rows for lats
  • Cable Lateral Raises for delts
  • Abductor and adductor with the ankle cuffs.
  • Any high or base cable movement that you can think of!

 Other gym machines in this category

Because the Smith Machine is really an adapted squat rack or power rack then these two machines would be similar in movement and function.

Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of the Smith Machine to help you make up your mind about which gym equipment will help you achieve your goals in the quickest and easiest way. Alternatively have a look at our range of squat racks and power racks here


As you would expect any gym machine from Poweretc, there is a lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of the frame and a limited two year warranty on the parts, with one year on pads and upholstery where applicable.


You can lift up to 265 kg and the spotter bars can support up to 180 kg. If you are squatting or lifting more than that then you may want to look at a more commercial design of gym equipment.

Accessories and options

1:Lat Bar,

2:Adjustable Bench,

3: Lat Tower,

4:Ankle Strap,

5: Single Handle and

6: Chromed V-Bar

Ask me about these options when you make the purchase

Smith Machines Dimensions

When constructed this Smith Machine needs minimal breathing space with a length of 170 cm, width of 193 cm and a height of 218 cm. This is very handy an compact design that will fit into most South African homes.

The unit weights 156 kg, that’s before any weight plates are added. You have the option of Olympic weight plates, rubber coated weight plates or colour coded bumper plates.

Read more about Smith Machines Here


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