Tunturi Go Range Upright Exercise Bike

  • Colour console.
  • Stay motivated with 19 workout programs.
  • Tunturi 10 year frame warranty, 2 year on parts.
  • Massive workout variety with 32 resistance levels.

R11,000 R8,800 Incl. VAT

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Exercise Bike Go Range from Tunturi

Tunturi Go Bike 50 2

Tunturi Go Bike 50 2

The Go 50 Exercise Bike Beats The Competition

Another winning exercise bike from Tunturi is the Go Bike 50 home exercise bike.

The Go 50 represents one of the mid level Tunturi fitness machines so expect to pay slightly more than the entry level models and expect a whole lot more in terms of the features, build and reliability.

Why waste time and energy in queues for the cardio at the gym when you can bring the fitness bike home. Train your whole body with the front drive elliptical trainer cross trainer from Tunturi.

The new Go F 50 home exercise bike from Tunturi is a smooth, dependable cardio fitness machine. As you would expect from Tunturi, one of the top fitness brands in the home fitness world, this fitness bike is packed with features.

19 workout programs.

Smaller resistance level increments means being able to vary your workout so much more. In addition incremental training has been shown to be the best form of increasing fitness levels and strength levels

Add to the above an exceptionally well padded and luxurious gel seat which can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally.

A last note on the physical aspects of the exercise bike is the addition of front wheels for moving the 37.5 kg bike around after installation as well as the additional base stabilisers to make up for uneven floor surfaces, (very common here in South Africa! It must be the drunken builders!).

This is truly a great value upright exercise bike from Tunturi, see more of the Holistic Gym exercise bikes here.

Exercise Bike Go 50 In a Nutshell

  • 10 years frame warranty
  • Large Comfortable Saddle
  • Easy step through access
  • 19 Programs including Heart Rate Control.


Smooth and Solid Exercise Bike Flywheel

All exercise bikes rely on a flywheel to create a smooth and easy-going action when you cycle. Spinning bikes work on the same principle.

The 6 kg flywheel of the GO 50 exercise bike guarantees a smooth and quiet and pleasant movement.


Exercise Bike Resistance Levels.

Tunturi Go Bike 50 3

Tunturi Go Bike 50 3

There are few things as frustrating as an exercise bike, which doesn’t give you enough flexibility between resistance levels.

Unlike the Go 30 which has a manual tension setting control this exercise resistance is set using the console controls. This means that you now have 32 levels of resistance to power up your workouts compared to the 8 that is available on the manual Go 30 exercise bike. 

Your training results, fitness levels and fat burning increase in small increments and that’s is exactly how your exercise bike should work.

 The 32 easy to adjust resistance levels on the Tunturi Go 50 exercise bike help you achieve that incremental improvement.

As with the other Go range cardio vascular fitness machines, the exercise bike resistance is based on magnetic resistance which is more advanced than many of the other resistance systems and cheaper for you in the long run.

 If you enjoy watching TV or listening to music when you are training then you really will appreciate the quite effect of the magnetic resistance system, especially when compared to the noisier supermarket systems which often use air resistance.


Easy Access Step Through

Have you ever tried to get onto a cheaper or badly designed exercise bike, only to find that it is difficult to get onto? Tunturi have solved that common problem by creating the step through frame which makes getting onto the exercise bike a real breeze.


Console Angle Adjustment

Most exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and recumbent bike consoles are fixed in place and don’t offer you the flexibility to adjust the viewing angle for your own needs. The Tunturi Go 50 exercise bike allows you to adjust the console to the perfect angle.


Comfortable Gel Saddle.

Tunturi Go Bike 50

Tunturi Go Bike 50

As if the gel filled large exercise bike saddle was not enough, Tunturi have added both horizontal and vertical saddle adjustments. This means that you can get the perfect sitting position for your body shape and size.

 Bear in mind that there should be a very small bend in your knees at the bottom of the cycle motion, when your feet are parallel with the ground.


Heart Rate Control

If you are just a beginner to exercising at home then the concept of heart rate management when using an exercise bike is an important one to get a grip on.

We all have differing reactions to exercise. What is a difficult resistance level on the bike may be easy for someone else. The important factor is to keep and eye on your heart rate or pulse rate.

Where your heart rate goes, dictates what sort of training effect you will experience.

 If you train consistently at lower levels then you will burn fat, at higher levels you will be increasing your fitness levels, endurance and strength. As a general rule 60% to 80% of your maximum heart rate will encourage fat burning.


To maintain your fitness gains and fat burning you can look to the cutting edge Tunturi “Heart Rate Control” system.

Instead of slowing or speeding up your workout yourself, the interactive HRC detects when to increase or decrease resistance to keep your heart rate within the parameters that you have set.

Generous Maximum User Weight.

Choose an exercise bike that is built to last and carry heavier people. A generous maximum user weight of 135kg means that the frame of the bike is built to last.

This means a more stable bike frame, a more comfortable workout and a better return on your money over the next 10 to 15 years.

 Are you heavier than 135kg? No problem! Have a look at some of our other great elliptical trainers here!

 Exercise Bike Workout Programs.

Pre-set workout or training programs on any cardiovascular piece of gym equipment such treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers add diversity and incentive to any workout program.

With this exercise bike you get 19 programs in all

  • 6 pre set programs,
  • 4 customised user programs,
  • 4 heart rate programs.

Console Display Features

Tunturi Go Bike 50 Console

Tunturi Go Bike 50 Console

The simple colour backlit console is delight to use. With a quick start feature at the press of a button, there is no need to use workouts programs if you don’t want to.

 Owner feedback over the years has shown that this quick start function is by far the most popular feature.

 The backlit colour console gives you all of the feedback that you need to keep your training going and your motivation on a high.

Feedback includes:

  • Calories burned
  • Time and duration
  • Distance travelled
  • Speed
  • Heart Rate / Pulse Rate.

 Also test your body fat and basal metabolic rate, (BMI) using the advanced console features.


Exercise Bike Warranty.

If you don’t yet know much about Tunturi, then the one fact that users and owners seem to love is the peace of mind that comes with the lengthy warranty.

 If you have read much about Tunturi treadmills, bikes and elliptical trainers then the one thing that will have stood out for all serious buyers is the massive warranty that comes with the units.

 This elliptical comes with a 10 years one the frame, 2 years on the electronics and all other parts. That is significantly more than most brands, which are in the region of one year.

Other Exercise Bike Technical Stuff

  • Solid Flywheel Mass of 6kg
  • 32 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Easy to access low “step through” frame
  • Permanent Magnet Brake System
  • Horizontal & vertical Seat Adjustment.
  • Extra Comfortable Gel Seat
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Console Gives Body Fat & Body Mass Index Readings
  • Console Feedback Includes, calories, time spend, distance cycled, speed, pulse rate / heart rate.
  • 19 Exercise Cycle Programs with 4 Heart Rate Control Programs.
  • Backlit Colour Console Display
  • Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor Available.
  • 135 kg Maximum User Weight
  • Hand Held Heart Rate Grips
  • Transport wheels For Easy Moving
  • Unit Size 100 cm long by 52 cm wide and 143 cm high.

Just check out the video on all of the exercises or call me for a viewing in our Johannesburg showroom.

[youtube video_id=”-JyExNb8bPA?t=108″ placeholder=”no” ]

What Should You Do Now?

Whether you want to buy now, or when the time is right for you now, then feel free to call me or contact me so I show you more.

Let me help you buy right the first time around so you can start enjoying the benefits of your gym equipment now.

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