Squat Racks

Squat Racks

You may be scouring  the internet looking for the best squat racks or just trying to learn more about what you can achieve by investing in a good squat rack or power cage.

Let me help you save money and effort by taking you through some of the features, advantages and disadvantages of the various squat racks.

These free weight and plate loaded racks and machines are used for Strength Training and Muscle Building especially for legs and chest, including the basic power movements of Bench Press and Squats. Most modern day power racks and squat racks offer additional extras such as chin up bars and dip accessory bars.

Who wants to buy a squat rack or power rack?

Powertec Smith Machine

Powertec Smith Machine

If you are interested in body building,  muscle, developing strength, body building, power-lifting, strength training. You want to train with a partner or perform superset circuit training. Rugby clubs and sports clubs would benefit from using the squat rack as fundamental exercise station.

Great Squat Rack Features

  • Ideal for Corprate Gyms , commercial gyms and Hotel Gyms
  • Peace of mind with the Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Battle boredom with 16 exercises
  • Save Money and Time with virtually maintenance free design
  • Create more value with massive Optional Extras and Accessories

Traditionally referred to as squat racks this piece of gym equipment has come a long way since Arnold and Franco were photographed lifting impressive poundage’s.

Squat Rack

Squat Rack

Nowadays you have a choice of squat stands, half cages and power racks, (Smiths Machines are another effective way of covering all of the same exercises and is discussed elsewhere on this site)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

What Can you do with a power rack?

You are not restricted to just leg exercises of course. Power racks and cages can be used for a multitude of exercises.

Our South African Range is far larger than the units shown here. We cater for commercial gyms, corporate gyms and home gyms. Please call me or email me of you would like to see the current prices and range.

The standard Squat Stand or Squat Rack

Squat Rack

Squat Rack


Squat Stands / Racks

A standard feature in the big health clubs and hardcore gyms. Its where the “real men” (and women) train! This unit offers adjustable “bail out” or safety bars. They stop the downward plunge of the barbell if you just don’t make that next rep.

In addition there are a number of angled weight holders which allow you to set the barbell up at the most convenient approach height, but also allow you to put the weight down easily on a lower level if you are getting too tired at the end of the set.

Capacity set at 225kg, which is a fine squat in anyone’s books.


The Half Cage Squat Rack

Half Cage Power Rack

Half Cage Power Rack


Half cages frequently get confused with squat racks and I will admit they look very similar. The main and important difference being that the half rack often has additional add on attachments. Squat racks are normally stand alone items with no additional optional extras.

Power Cages

Powertec Workbench Power Rack

Powertec Workbench Power Rack

This unit acts as base for a number of other add ons or attachments including a lat tower option.

The unit pictured here can take up to 400 kg and takes the following add ons

Powertec Power Cage

Powertec Power Cage

Lat Tower for lat pull downs and low pulley rowing

Power cages are sometimes referred to as squat cages, squat racks or cage racks. They allow the same safety as provided by a smith machine but without any of the sagital plane movement restrictions normally associated with the Smiths Machine. In other words you get the best of both worlds.

Modern power cages are normally designed to take the same sort of accessories that you would find for the half cage.

The unit pictured above comes from Poweretec and is one of the top selling units in South Africa optional add ons include:

The Power cage allows for partial movements. If you are Working on a particular sticking point in your bench press you would then set the weight catches at that level and work a partial movement.

Adjusting and using a Power Rack

Folding Power Rack

Force USA Folding Power Rack 3

Force USA Folding Power Rack 3

The folding power rack is a recent and patented innovation from Force USA. Now home gym owners are able to pack their squat rack away in the same way that they can pack away their folding treadmill or WaterRower.

The folding power rack is no sissy. Made from commercial gym equipment grade materials and welding.

This is ideal for home gym bodybuilders, power lifters or the serious fitness enthusiast who needs a quality squat rack system.

You can also perform many different gym exercises and the unit comes with chin bar, dip handles and attachment for the Powerbands. The set up takes a few seconds.

The Power Rack Design

The Power Rack design became popular in the early 60s and was used to test the Iron Man “theory of maximum fatigue.” Another version was patented in 1987.

In addition there is the obvious safety aspect of being able to load the bar at a weight far exceeding your normal maximum lift.

What is The Alternative to Power Rack or Squat Rack

When it comes to power movements like squats, front squats, deadlifts, bench press and shoulder press then there is not much that can beat the power racks that I have discussed.

If you are looking at a more specific leg training solution then there are a couple of pieces of gym equipment that you should be looking at

Leg Press Machines

Leg Press

Leg Press

The leg press probably needs very little introduction; you can see our range of leg press machines here.

Leverage Squat Calf Machine From Powertec

Leverage Squat Calf

Leverage Squat Calf

This is a lovely leg exercise gym machine and comes from the Powertec team. A combination of two massive foundation leg exercise, the Squat and the standing calf raise machine. See more about the leverage squat calf here.

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