Strength Gym Equipment

Leg Press

Leg Press

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What is Strength Training Gym Equipment?

In reality strength training is about movements which eventually lead to momentary muscular failure and overload and consequently lead the to the development of the muscle size and strength. Machines that use selectorised weight stacks, weight plates, barbells or dumbbells are typically strength training exercise.

Recently there has been a surge in a type of exercise routine which uses strength training exercises and cardio vascular areas in a circuit format called functional training.
What are the benefits of strength training equipment?
If you want to build your muscle, tone your muscles or strengthen a muscle group then you would benefit from using strength equipment. What is less appreciated by ladies in particular is the need for maintaining muscle mass when losing weight.

Strength Training Gym Equipment

Strength training gym equipment is great for bodybuilding, toning muscles and burning fat. There are many benefits to regular exercise including machines based on cardio-vascular movements and weight training or strength training as it is better known.

Different types of Strength training equipment

Free weight machines

Free Weights

Adjustable Bench Press

Free weight machines and exercises

Machines and benches that work with dumbbells and barbells fall into the category of free weight training equipment. This category of gym equipment includes

Dumbbells, barbells, bench press, preacher curls, adjustable bench press and squat racks.

Free weight exercises are very functional and when performed correctly use many smaller and supporting muscle groups to support and balance.

Perfect style in using free weights may take a while to master when compared to movements performed with selectorised gym equipment. Click here for more information on Free weight machines and exercises

Dumbbells and barbells

Weight Training and Weight Loss

Weight Training and Weight Loss

Dumbbells and barbells have been part and parcel of the home gym and commercial gym scene for hundreds of years. When we talk about the original strength gym equipment, this is what we mean.

If you didn’t buy any other gym equipment for your gym other than a full set of strength dumbbells and a good set of barbells you could train every muscle in the body.

My transformation programs include and encyclopaedia of dumbbells and barbell movements so click here to read more on Dumbbells and barbells.


Plate Loaded Gym Equipment



Plate load gym equipment includes all machine that need weight plate to create resistance.

This includes Smiths machines, leg press, leg sled, squat calf machine, multi press, seated calf machine, T bar rowing, chest support rowing, spider rowing, free weight lat pull down, powertec multigyms.

Click here for more information on Plate Loaded Gym Equipment

Selectorised Gym Equipment

Leg Press

Leg Press

Selectorised gym equipment includes the gym machine that you will see in a commercial gym or health club. The machines use a specialise weight stack to create resistance.

The advantage of these machines is that you simply pull out a selector pin and insert it at the level of resistance that you want.This makes it a perfect choice for circuit training.

Selectorised gym machines are generally safer than using free weights.

Click here for more information on Selectorised Gym Equipment

Bodyweight and Abdominal Training gym machines

Powertec Chin Dip Basic Trainer

Powertec Chin Dip Basic Trainer

Some gym equipment machines don’t need an additional weight to be added as they make use of the users bodyweight to create resistance.

Bodyweight and abdominal exercise machines include sit up benches, roman chair, VKRs, chin bars, dipping bars, chin dip combo, knee raise, abdominal crunch bench, hyper extension and CrossCore rotational bodyweight systems.

Click here for more information on Bodyweight and Abdominal Training gym machines.

Multigyms and Home Gyms

Powertec Multisystem

Powertec Multisystem

Perhaps the most popular form of home gyms and strength training equipment is the home gym multi gym system. A home gym multi gym is a single machine or training station that offers multiple exercises. Increasingly people throughout the country are moving their workouts homewards. Reasons vary from wanting to avoid “sweaty bumprint syndrome” to actually getting to use some of the equipment that they have paid for; Gyms like airlines tend to oversubscribe.

Clearly this is a far more cost efficient way of offering multiple specific gym equipment exercises than purchasing a number of different machines. Multi gyms are now becoming more popular in commercial gyms where gym owners are attempting to offer more equipment in less space.

Expect to be able to invest in a quality home gym with lifetime warranty on frame and construction for less than R1000 per exercise! Click here for more information Multigyms and Home Gyms

Squat Racks and Power Racks

Powertec Half Rack

Powertec Half Rack

The Squat rack is where you will find the brave people in the gym or home gym. A good quality modern squat rack can help you develop a great pair of legs, a more powerful physique, help you develop explosive power, as well as act as a frame for many upper body exercises.

Power racks generally forma type of cage which you enter to do the exercise, hence the other name of power cage. A good power cage will offer many features such a s bailout bars, adjustable racks and chin bars.

Click here for more information Squat Racks and Power Racks

Smiths Machine

Smith Machine
Smith Machine

A favourite in all commercial gyms and home gyms around South Africa and the world. A smiths machine is a barbell on a sliding rail system which allows only vertical movements.

In addition to restricted lateral and medial movements you will also have a safer workout by being able to place support catches at certain levels.

This machine is ideal for squats, lunges and all pressing movements.

Click here for more information Smiths Machine


Leg Press Machine

Leg Press

Leg Press

Perhaps the most popular of all leg machines is the legendary Leg Press. The leg press now comes in so many formats and designs that everyone can afford to have one at home and at work!

Choose from the phenomenal free weight Powertec Leg press with Olympic Weights Plates. Or perhaps you would like to see more about the Leg Sled design?

Powertec also make a home version which clips to a utility bench or multi gym and for commercial gym owners and the serious trainer there is the selectorised leg press machine.

Click here for more information Leg Press Machine

Learning how to use Strength Gym Equipment.

Strength Training Equipment

Strength Training Equipment

Not all strength training equipment will make sense when you first look at it. You may need some assistance in getting to know it and finding out what you can achieve with it.

Some Strength training gym equipment can be very versatile and can be used for training many different muscle groups such as the Smith machine, cable crossover, functional trainer, dumbbells and barbells.

Strength training gym equipment is really the hearts and soul of the home gym and commercial gym. If you are a seasoned or experienced trainer then you probably know exactly what you are looking for, why not click here for the category that you are looking for.

If you want to change the shape of your body by then there are two ways of achieving that with gym equipment and exercise.

You can either burn fat or develop and tone up some of your muscle. It is vital for healthy weight management that you achieve both objective.

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