Winter Workouts

Winter Workouts

I Know how you feel about winter workouts.

Its cold, its wet and the last thing that you feel like is a workout at the gym, or at home, or anywhere else for that matter!

But lets face it. When Mr and Mrs Jones, (of next door fame) are parading their slim bodies at summertime you will sorely regret not taking some time out to abuse your fat cells!

So what are some quick tips for winter workouts?

1: Know What Your Realistic Fitness Goals Are

I know I seem to hammer this point home, and when you realise what you really want then it will be easier to do the things that will help you achieve those goals.

Winter workouts may be more about staying in shape rather than trying to make massive changes to your body. A new England Journal of Medicine study found that people over 30 years old would put on an average of between 2.5 and 3.5 kg of fat every year.

If you think that sounds like a lot and you are saying “No Way!”, then think of that this; that it really only around 250 grams per month.

When was the last time you noticed a 250 gram weight increase?

So adjust your goals for the winter cool off. Even I train less over winter and I eat more.

Be Realistic.

2: Have A Good Reason For Your Fitness Goals Over Winter

Winter Workouts

Winter Workouts

Every benefit will come at some sort of cost. The more excited you are about the benefit the more “Cost” you will be willing to incur.

Cost can be any of these three:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Money

If your body means something to your then you may benefit from defining exactly how much it is worth to you in terms of how much time you will invest, how much energy you are prepared to put in and a financial investment to make your workouts easy and fun.

Make a list now of the benefits of just maintaining your current weight over winter. Start small then move to bigger goals.

  • Why do you want to be in shape?
  • What are the spin offs of getting in shape? (More energy, less sickness, more complements, feeling sexy, medical aid rewards etc)
  • What was life like when you were in shape? Even if that was many years ago.

Now consider these questions, (where they apply).

  • How much did you really enjoy that last extra serving of desert? Compare that taste to feeling fresh, light, lean, healthy and full of energy.
  • How does a full tummy compare to a 80% full tummy and great feeling vitality?
  • What reasonable time, energy and money cost are you prepared to incur to get what you really want?

3: Start Moving More and Sitting Less

Winter Workouts

Winter Workouts

So you don’t have the best home gym in the world or the top of the range treadmill. That’s fine, just increase the amount that you move every day.

Medical aids, Drs and fitness experts are recognising the effects of simple movement on a daily basis.

  • That could be simply not looking for the “Rock star” parking next to supermarket entrance or pretending that you deserve the handicapped parking.
  • If you have legs then move them a little bit, by walking more.
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator.
  • Break from your PC for a few minutes every half hour and walk up and down the office or the stairs

I make the point in my online course “Change Your Mind, Change Your Body” that your body shape and body composition is the result of thousands of small habits, decisions and actions that you take every day.

Although body composition can be a bit more complex than just Calories in Versus Calories out the overall formula works; if you eat too much and move too little you will store more fat!

4: Create Health Habits

Professor BJ Fogg who is a scientist and expert in behavioural change and habits has coined the phrase, “tiny habits”.

Tiny habits are what good success coaching is about. We all know the big picture such as you should lose weight, but very few of use know the next small step that will take us closer to our goals.

Examples of tiny fat loss and healthy habits?

Use an existing daily routine to trigger off a new routine such as going to the toilet and then doing 5 push ups, (Fogg’s idea).

Using the evening meal to take one third of your food and put it back into the bowl, ( a Brilliant Habit!)

Reminding everyone at the table to put their knives and forks down between bites, (note that I didn’t say “mouthfuls”).

5: Mix Cardio and Weight Training Resistance Exercise

Force Smith multi gym

Force Smith multi gym

I am always shocked and mortified at the number of strange people who approach me at parties and ask about the best cardio exercise for fat loss.Is it a treadmill, Rower or elliptical trainer?

They are often shocked and mortified when I laugh hysterically and down my absinthe quickly.

The best way to burn fat and keep fat off is to create a healthy combination of weight training or resistance training with some high intensity interval cardio, (HIIT).

If you are planning on 4 hours of exercise per week, then make 1 hour HIIT and the other three hours fat burning, muscle building resistance workouts.

You can do this with a good multi gym, power rack or even a good set of dumbbells.

For more personalised advice, programs or gym equipment you care welcome to contact me.

In A Nutshell

These are five simple actions that you can begin doing right now to prevent the gradual onset of winter fat and get yourself ready for the Spring and Summer workouts.

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